Deep Dive into the Wines of Australia



Published on Jan 14, 2023

Scott Morrison


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While I agree that the Tyrells Semillon can be underrated, the wine you actually drank was Vat 1, which retails for a lot more than $16 USD and uses fruit from the best of the old-vine, dry-grown vineyards. The oldest planting of those vines dates back to 1923, so there is a whole lot more complexity than the equivalent vintage standard "Semillon".

I enjoy Australian wine (mostly Cab Sauv and Shiraz) but don't think I've ever paid more than £12 for a bottle. Being still largely inexperienced in wine drinking, am I likely to appreciate the difference between a 'good' supermarket wine costing £12 and one costing £40 that you've rated 90+?

I can only echo the sentiment of a lot of comments already made. Having worked in the retail side of the wine industry in Sydney decades ago, a lot of these varietals (try a 15-yr old aged Lovedale Sem or 10+ Hunter Shiraz) continue to show the breadth and depth of Aussie wines. Living in the US now, it continues to surprise me how underrated Australian wines are. Konstantin - you noted the intense lime notes from the Claire Valley Riesling; the neighbouring Eden Valley produces wines with predominantly lemon notes.

Well, your 2021 tyrell semillon is the 'normal' one, the 2015 is vat 1 which is one of the flagship bottle, and it's not cheap, certainly not $16. If it is, I'm gonna hunt them down to the last barrel. not that far from Sydney haha

I love the Hunter Valley, it's my favourite wine region, they make by far my favourite shiraz in the Country and excellent chardonnay as well as Semillon, but Hunter Valley Semillon is pretty much my very favourite wine. Personally though I think Tyrells is a bit over rated, Mt Pleasant, Broken Wood and Mistletoe (RIP!) all make better Semillon in my opinion at various price points than Tyrells does, every Tyrells wine I ever bought disappointed me for the price

Great to see you “get back into” Aussie wine. Here’s hoping it’s not too many months until a follow-up — maybe some State-specific deep dives (actually I’d love to see you do this for regions around the world Old or New) But my vote next time would be for some Tasmanian Sparkling or Pinot.

Aussie wines are very limited and rare in Puerto Rico. We have the classic yellow tail wines, that in my opinion, are introduction wines. Yet I resently I bought a 2019 Lindelmann Shiraz wine on a crazy discount since it got discontinued by the retailer. I drank e the wine in a cruise and fell in love with it's complexity. I forgot the taste, since this was a year ago, so now I have a bottle for my self.

Hi Konstantin, as a Victorian I was disappointed by the representation of our wines in this video. Victoria is the 3rd largest wine producing state in Australia and is home to many of Australia's most iconic wineries - I'm thinking Mount Mary, Giaconda, Bass Phillip, By Farr, Bindi, Yarra Yerring. New South Wales on the other hand, produce wine only suitable for sacrament or distillation. ;)

Konstantin, can you do Romania on the next episode/ take it in consideration? Romania has some great wine history, being relatively close to Georgia and being an old world wine producer. Romania exports quite a large amount of the wine it produces, so you might be able to find some bottles in Germany, but the winehouses also allow you to purchase them online. I know the grape varieties might be a bit harder to pronounce, but you could give them a try.

Hey Konstantin! Great to see some Aussie wines! And as a Queenslander it's good that you've even mentioned us! Yes, we do have a small wine region in the Subtropical state, but it's about 1000m ASL so it's considered a cool climate with a great diurnal range and minerally granitic soils. It's definitely worth exploring as there are so many experimental and alternative varieties from far-flung places there.

The 2015 Tyrrelll’s vat 1 semilon is $80 (the one from your shelf) while the straight Tyrrell’s semillon is ~$20 (the one too young to open) - it’s ok but it’s not vat 1; which I’ve kept nicely for up to 20 yrs old. Was happy to see this video as an Aussie and a fan of your channel. I'm from Melbourne and hadn't heard of the two middle wines before and I travel to Victorian regions quite a bit. I think Australia can give the old world a real run for their money. And it's affordable too!

You beauty! For part 2, 3 and 4 my votes are Canberra Riesling and Shiraz, and Great Southern Pinot, Shiraz and Riesling to see the other side of Australian wine from SA and Margaret River. Grenache from McLaren vale and Heathcote, and all the Italian wine styles out in Heathcote and the King Valley. Beechworth Chardonnay and Pinot! Sherry from rutherglen - we call it Apera and we have fino and amontillado styles, not just grandma’s cream Sherry. De Bortolli Noble One! Check out how Pinot noir changes from south to north tassie, or Riesling changes from south to north Tamar - we’ve got terroir for days mate!

Another great video. I lived in Melbourne for 6 years and got to explore and ultimately love Aussie wines. Great call on the Grosset Riesling, it’s a cracker, and fantastic with all the Asian food you find in Oz. Pikes is another wonderful Clare Valley Riesling producer you should seek out. If you’re looking for a funky Burgundian style Aussie Pinot try the Ferrous from Port Phillip Estate and make sure you also seek out Main Ridge Estate from the Mornington Peninsula for their stellar Chardonnay.

On occasion I do like Australian Wines, especially the red ones. Is it my imagination or are corks these days being made from a finely granulated composite materials instead of just cork? I was looking at the results from a Sherry from Spain, a reserve Merlot from California and a Pinot Noir from France. The Sherry had a genuine cork and other two wines had this granular composite mater used. I have seen some wine closures definitely use a polymer material.

Nice one Konstantin! I appreciate you may not have had too many great buying options where you live but it was a pity you couldn’t try better examples of Aussie Chardy, Cab Sav and Pinot Noir. IMO Chardonnay is arguably Australia’s best performing varietal these days (even more so than Shiraz). Beechworth in Victoria in particular makes a number of outstanding Chardonnays. And so too does Tasmania, Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills and Margaret River. Re Cab Sav, Wynns is a very good producer but you had an entry level wine from Coonawarra so I am not surprised you were not blown away. Re Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula makes some nice examples but there are better examples from there (such as Hurley and Moorooduc Estate). Some Aussie Pinot Noirs to look out for - Bass Phillip (also in Gippsland), Mount Mary, Bindi, Farr and By Farr, Tolpuddle and Chatto. And finally Australia makes some outstanding Shiraz which is much closer to northern Rhone in style - eg Clonakilla, Seppelt St Peter’s, Craiglee, and Mount Langi Ghiran.

Hey Konstantin! I come from a land Down Under and I hope that you may do a future series. I love your videos but find it hard to hunt down some of the your recommendations. Ah! The rewards of patience! My other favorite wine country near me is New Zealand and Ata Rangi Pinot Noir is sublime and has been a long term resident over the years in my cellar. I find it goes well with Duck smoked over Cherry Wood. Cheers!

Thanks for finally doing this, I have been waiting for your views on Australian win for a while. Yes the Hunter Valley Semillon is under rated even in Australia. I was really excited to see the Grosset Riesling in your line-up as this is one of my favourites, I will be having the big brother from Polish Hill this weekend. As I also live in Melbourne have tried many wines from the Mornington Peninsula including this, fair description. When it comes to the Shiraz I haven't had this particular one but I am not a big fan of The Barossa Valley as the wines are too big, personally I prefer The Grampians or The Pyrenees.


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