Australian Immigration News - NSW 491 Requirements Released



Published on Jan 14, 2023

Scott Morrison


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Australian Immigration Law Services is based in Sydney and provides visa and related services. Karl Konrad, our Founder, has over 23 years of experience and leads a team of MARA registered migration specialists. Our team provides honest and accurate advice.

Hi Carl, I am in regional nsw since April 2022. I have been working full time permanent in my field and income is more than $53900. Am I eligible to apply for it or I have to wait until I meet 12 months? Hi, Karl thank you so much for your informative video. Still waiting for my husband (500 subsequent entrant visa), how long does it normally take?

You are 100% correct, many fresh applicants getting grants in 3-4 weeks, however others like myself waiting for 13 months for my 190 NSW grant lodged onshore and still showing only received status. Great video Mr Karl I've asked a question previously but i didn't get an answer, I am in Jamaica and would love to migrate in Australia work etc with my two babies, what kind of visa would I have to apply for? Where should I go about doing that? And how long would it take for it process?

Another comprehensive piece of news from Karl and the team, irradiating insights amidst the uncertainty in the current Australian immigration circumstance. Thanks, Karl! Australian News media has proven time and time again, how clueless they are over immigration matters. I suppose if the majority viewers are citizens, there is no real incentive to do some research and stay true to journalism. Kudos for your efforts Karl, your channel has been a wealth of information. +1 points for independent media, Cheers.

I have been waiting for my 491 visa for over 8 months and there was already supposed to be a 75% chance that my visa was processed :(. I have a very simple visa since I have worked for one employer since 2013 and I am single. All my documents have been submitted ages ago. Still no CO contact.

Karl, is anything going to be done with the backlog of parent visas? 5 years and waiting. Parents have applied for a contributory 143 visa application. It's so heart breaking that they may have to leave before the end of the year. Can anything be done to have this addressed please? We want to be together as a family unit and not apart in their old age as well.

I am already on 482 visa since April 2022 Could you please exlain me whether i can apply 186 visa based on $ 53900 next year which was TSMIT for my 482 visa in spite of the new changes of TSMIT in October Budjet 2022.

The recent number of Offshore invitations is a loud and clear message to those Onshore to resign and move offshore so that they will be in the priority list. Its sad but its true. The good thing is While offshore you will have the options to go to NZ, UK or Canada. Seriously, resigning now and going offshore is the new pathway to PR. Just look at the points of recent invitations...almost all Offshore invitations just require to score 65 points and you will be invited. Too bad for those onshore with 70, 80 or 90 points, the reality now is Offshore 65 points are just better than you guys. It is devastating to our Education Industry that those onshore with Australian qualifications is being disadvantage. Too bad NSW! its going to be tough for you, the pool is now filled with mostly 65 points.

I just wish I could move to Canada but after giving 6 years of my life, my youth, my hard work. I am just stuck. I can't start all over again in Canada and Australia won't give a damn about people like me. I wish we were recognised and welcomed here they way Canadians do.


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